Where and How to Approach a Celebrity?

When I started with this hobby it accrued me, celebrities probably want to take a rest before concert, therefore I decided to approach them in exclusive night clubs or expensive places. Celebrities really want to take rest and have a drink in fancy places in town but the other question is – is it the best way to approach them? No. Even if you are well prepared and know where personalities hang out the possibilities of approaching them in places like these are very limited. If celebrities decide to go on such places, they will probably take security with them who will help them keep fans away.


But where to find celebrities then? If you don’t live in the Balkan – a place where you can see celebrities walking on the street, shopping with friends or drinking in bars then it would be much easier to find them in front of places where they perform. Night clubs and theaters are good places also. If you are a big fan and willing to give some extra money, VIP passes and VIP tickets work well. The choice is yours how to choose to find a celebrity, but try to avoid big groups and always be with a partner. Groups of no more than 5 are very good. You are more likely to get an autograph in smaller groups than in bigger groups. It is worth remembering that being alone is always risky since you may become suspicious to police.

Your safety is the priority so

  • Don’t break rules
  • Don’t argue with security or police
  • Don’t scream
  • Don’t cry hysterically
  • Let your parents or someone else know where are you going

Be polite and patient, follow these instructions and don’t be afraid that you won’t succeed!

Good luck!