What is Autograph Collecting?


One of the most popular hobbies in world is autograph collecting. Throughout history, people learned how to create their signatures to help identify themselves . Unfortunately, these signatures are really rear today. Most of the signatures are non-existent because they are lost or destroyed – paper is fragile or ink fades.

Collectors usually say that signatures and autographs are “a piece of somebody on a piece of paper”. Because of that, more and more people in the world started collecting autographs and signatures of celebrities but also trying to find forgotten pieces and documents with signatures of important and famous people. The real number of autograph collector is unknown but estimates that there are few millions collectors all over the world.

But, what is exactly autograph collecting? As the name says, autograph collecting includes meeting with celebrities and taking autographs of them. Some of autograph collectors will try to avoid waiting for celebrities and buy already signed pieces on internet. My advice is – don’t avoid asking for  autographs. You will have that autograph when you buy it, and you will probably say that it is yours but don’t forget – you didn’t ask for it. You just brought it.

In addition of all I said I am willing to share some strategies and give you some advice on this web page. Use them so you will be able to be successful in this hobby without buying any of them or doing anything that is inappropriate.

Enjoy and good luck!